December 31, 2008
CTPI Products
Largo , Florida
Dear Kevin,:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did resurfacing the concrete on our Isuzu showroom. I am extremely pleased with how the entire job was handled. . The project was completed on time and within budget.It has enhanced the value of the building ,  and fits quite nicely into our tropical themed showroom.
Based on these results, I hope, very shortly, to be able to use your company again to resurface the   driveway at my personal residence. . Please feel free to use our name and project as a reference to others on your behalf. Additionally, should you wish to show the work at our showroom to anyone, please feel free to give us a call to make arrangements to do so.
Once again, Thanks for a great job..
John P. Gilliss
Friendly Kia & Isuzu

John P. Gilliss
Friendly Isuzu and Kia

Iowa Department of Transportation
Office of Materials
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
March 6, 2003
Ref. No 435
Dean Wedeneyer
Concrete Technology Incorporated of Central Iowa
606 antique Country Drive
P.O. Box 117
Casey, Iowa 50048
Dear Dean:
We are pleased to inform you that CTI System Series 110/111 and Series 105 Grout have successfully passed our testing requirements for special surface finishing materials. As a result, CTI System Series 110/111 and Series 105 Grout are acceptable for use in Iowa road and highway projects and will be placed on our I.M. 491.10 Appendix A.
This letter will serve as your certification until the next I.M. revision. Please contact me at the above number if you have any questions.
Chengsheng Ouyang
Cement and Concrete Engineer Materials
Iowa Dept. of Transportation

Chengsheng Ouyang
Iowa Department of Transportation

February 4, 1997
Mr. Bertil Kaudern
CTI of Rockland
71 High Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960
RE: Concrete Sealer Project at Tarrytown
Dear Bert:
I am very pleased with the results of the project that CTI just completed for us. If we had to remove and replace the concrete stairs and landings it would have been extremely costly. Not only did your product save our stairs; it has also turned them into a showpiece. I have received glowing compliments from everyone who has seen the project. They especially like the Thruway logo on the top landing.
Even more impressive than the quality of your work was the professionalism of your people: Dan, Phil, Tom, Dave and Dennis. I cannot praise them enough. All of them can work for me anytime. Over the years, I have worked with many contractors. None were ever more cooperative or courteous than your crew. They worked all day without interruption, unless the interruption was caused by me. Then they took tie time to answer any questions and keep me up to date on the progress. They all were meticulous and concerned with the finished product.
Thank you for a beautiful job. It was a pleasure working with your company, and we hope to work with you again in the future. If you have any questions or require any additional information please call me at (914) 524-0200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (914) 524-0200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 203.
Robert W. Bogert
Division Facilities Engineer
New York Division
New York Thruway Authority

Robert W. Bogert
New York StateThruway Authority

Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson 
of Stuart, Inc.

March 5, 2003

Mr. Tony Russell
Concrete Technology Inc.
8770 133rd Avenue North
Largo, FL 33773

Dear Tony:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful job done at our new showroom in Stuart. CTI turned out to be the product that achieved the look and finish required for our Designer Store. The contractor that installed it worked on a tight time frame and the quality and workmanship was excellent. That’s saying a lot these days when many people don’t take pride in their work.

The better news is that we have been open for 6 full months and the durability of the finish is working out great.

Feel free to use us as a reference for future work!

Very truly yours,
Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson of Stuart, Inc.

Patrick T. Murphy
Vice President
Treasure Coast Harley Davidson

Patrick T. Murphy
Treasure Coast Harley Davidson

October 4, 2002
To Whom It May Concern:

Concrete Technology Inc. (CTI) has completed the following installations at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport:

CTI spray Texture system with CTI series 150 sealer at front entrance to old terminal building. Install date 8/1996

CTI Pro-Seal 200 on pedestrian bridges and traffic bumps from parking deck to front of main terminal. Install date 11/1998

CTI hand troweled system with Charlotte logo at main terminal entrances to baggage claim area. Install date 5/1999

We are satisfied with the durability of CTI’s products and the professionalism of Concrete Technology Inc. of the Carolina’s.


T. J. Orr
Aviation Director
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport


T.J. Orr
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport

May 16, 2003
North Georgia CTI
P.O. Box 75
Varnell, GA 30756
Dear Allen,
Your company recently completed a project at my residence and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a job well done.
The decorative concrete patio you prepared has truly enhanced the look of our house and adds value well beyond its cost. My wife is especially pleased with how the project turned out and you know how important that is.
On several occasions visitors to my home have remarked at your work and have complimented me on my tile. I explained your process to them, and they were truly amazed that the realistic look you create is not tile.
Thank you for the quality work and for the manner in which you and Larry performed it. You were always considerate of my family and our schedule, and very accommodating of my other ongoing projects.
Your system of treating concrete is an excellent and economical way to add curb appeal to any landscape. I know it has added to ours. I would recommend your services to anyone desiring a change in the look of their concrete. I’m certain they will be as pleased as we are.
A. Chris Pickel

A. Chris Pickel

From: Lee and Cathy Stadtlander
October 29, 2001
Aries Coatings L.L.C.
Chad and Julie Saemisch
5148 Meadow Wood Circle
Des Moines, Iowa 50317
Dear Chad and Julie,
WOW!!!! What a difference you two made in the appearance of our home. Lee and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our driveway. I has been a wonderful experience to work with you and see what you showed us on paper become a reality. We have found the entire experience to be easy and your innovative ideas a real asset to the exterior of our home.
You two went above the call of duty to make this experience a positive one. From making the example boards so we could see the colors that would best make the statement we wanted to make, to the clean up process. We highly recommend you to anyone that is interested in changing the boring look of concrete to what I consider to be a masterpiece.
Cathy J. Stadtlander

Cathy Stadlander

Vicksburg Medical Center
October 25, 1995
Carpenters construction
904 ½ Bowmar Avenue
Vicksburg, MS 39810
Dear Mr. Carpenter,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your company for the excellent job that you did installing the CTI system to the front entrance of the hospital. I have received nothing but compliments on the appearance of the entrance.
This has made a great improvement to the hospital and the lobby area. I would recommend this system to anyone who needs to enhance any areas of their home or business. Also, the ease of cleaning and maintenance will be greatly appreciated and serve the hospital for many, many years.
Once again thanks for your efforts and service.
J.R. Richardson
Vicksburg Medical Center

J.R. Richardson
Vicksburg Medical Center

May 13, 2007

Mark and Laurie,
Carlos and I would like to thank you both for the wonderful job you did on our driveway, walkway and entryway. We absolutely love it!!! We appreciate you working with us when the association tried to intervene, I am sorry for the harassment you had to endure from one of the board members while you were trying to finish the job. I don't see how anyone could object to such a beautiful improvement to our property once they see the finished product.
I would like to say that it is refreshing deal with people who have such a high work ethic, and pride in what you do. We appreciate the excellent customer service you and your husband showed to us. We would without a doubt give you the highest recommendation to our neighbors, friends, and co-workers. I can see why you are so busy with new jobs lined up waiting for you. It is certainly worth the wait!!!!!
Everytime we are out front enjoying the beauty of your work we will think of the nice people who created it for us.
It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.
Teresa Maldonado

Teresa Maldonado

December 7, 2006

4272 Hunters Pass
Brooksville, FL 34609
March 28, 2005
Dear Bob and “Red”,
We want you to know how pleased we are with the meticulous and diligent work you did on our lanai/pool area. You two definitely deserve to be commended for the beautiful job you did. Accordingly, we will be happy to highly recommend CTI and you to anyone, and please feel free to use us as a reference.
Because we are so impressed with your work and feel you went “above and beyond” our expectations, we would like you to enjoy dinner on us, and we are enclosing gift certificates to Outback Steakhouse for you do so.
Bon Appetite, and thanks again for an excellent job!
Art and Dot O’Connor

Art and Dot O'Connor

October 21, 2005
Security National Bank
Box 1272
Enid, OK 73702
McWilliams Landscape Solutions, LLC
Drummond, OK
Dear Randy:
You recently worked on our patio. It had many cracks and you made it look like new. The decorative concrete patio has truly enhanced the look of our home. I really thought that we would need to replace the total patio until you showed me your system.
Janice and I thank you very much for a wonderful job. We have had a lot of compliments on your work and are very proud to show it to our visitors. They think the brick trim is real.
Sincerely yours,
Bert H. Mackie

Bert H. Mackie
Security National Bank

October 24, 2005
Gungoll, Jackson, Collins, Box & Devoll, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
323 West Broadway
Enid, OK 73701
McWilliams Landscape Solutions
P.O. Box 81
Drummond, OK 73735
Dear Randy:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did resurfacing the concrete on our covered patio. My wife and I are both extremely pleased with how the patio looks. Additionally, we greatly appreciate your promptness in getting this project started and completed exactly within the timeframe that you discussed with us.
Based on the results that we received, we hope, very shortly, to be able to use your services again to resurface the walkway in the backyard, the driveway and the third car drive that we hope to add next Spring. Please feel free to use our name and project as a reference to others on your behalf. Additionally, should you wish to show the work at our house to anyone, please feel free to give us a call to make arrangements to do so.
Once again, we greatly appreciate your work.
Vance T. Nye

Vance T. Nye
Gungoll, Jackson, Collins, Box & Devoll, P.C.

September 22, 2008

It is a pleasure to introduce Mr. Randy McWilliams, an individual who performed the service of refurbishing the Center's entrance floor. Our center was constantly having problems in this entrance area with cigarette burns to the carpet. Mr. McWilliams refinished the entrance floor with a burn resistant concrete product designed as a sandstone inlay.
The design Mr. McWilliams used has improved the appeal of the building entrance and the product he used has also solved the problem caused by cigarette burns.
Mr. McWilliams was prompt and skillful in his duties. The Center's clients and staff were not interrupted by his work.
You can inspect the product, design and workmanship by visiting the Hedges Regional Speech and Hearing Center building at 2615 E. Randolph in Enid.
Alan D. Livingston
Hedges Reg. Speech & Hearing Center
2615 East Randolph Ave.
Enid, OK 73701

Alan D. Livingston
Hedges Reg Speech & Hearing Center

July 15, 2004

Rick Fuller 
Concrete Solutions & Design, LLC
Mt. Dora, FL 

Dear Rick:

Thank you so much for the excellent work on our covered driveway. The concrete treatment you did has enhanced our church entrance and made it something special.

We appreciate your hard work and attentionto detail

Jeff Hamil
Senior Pastor
Deltona Alliance Church

Jeff Hamil
Deltona Alliance Church

June 19, 2007

To: Byron Mims
Concrete Design & Restoration
Jackson, GA 30233
Bryan did a fantastic job and went the further mile to make sure I was satisfied with the final product! I love the work and look of my turn around and proud of it!
Bryan is a very good asset to your product.
James L. Dalton, Jr.

James L. Dalton, Jr

Thank you to Concrete Canvasworks, Ltd of Ohio for making my old concrete porch a work of art!
Thank you for your wonderful product that solved my problem of "ugly porch syndrome"!
Patricia Campbell

Patricia Campbell

March 24, 2008
Dear Dave and Charles,
When we started researching our concrete floor project, my wife and I quickly found we were out of solutions. The floor in our new Orleans flat was old rough concrete poured in sections, paint spattered, dirty, cracked and uneven. The kitchen and bath areas were particularly uneven, had the remains of linoleum on them, and there were big gouges in the floor. We wanted to get the concrete stained but that wouldn’t work because of the terrible condition of the floor. Then we checked into concrete polishing but that wouldn’t work because the floors were too uneven. Thank goodness we discovered Concete Technology through an online search before we decided to carpet the place.
I have to admit that I had my reservations at first but the photos you sent me looked so great, I just had to consider it. You were so patient with us as we went through the various color combinations. It really helped that we were able to see samples on the floor before we made our final decision. Your suggestion of putting in diagonal grout lines and border lines was perfect for our situation. It is truly a custom job. Our next door neighbor is an architect and when he saw it he was raving about how wonderful it looked and how it was such a good solution. He was glad to know about the process and will keep it in mind for future projects.
Now that our job is finished, my wife and I are blown away at how good it turned out—WAY beyond our expectations! We are absolutely thrilled. Before you worked your magic, the flat was cold and uninviting but now the floors have totally warmed up the space. We have a home in Italy as well and this floor in New Orleans looks like it could have been taken from an Italian villa! It has a look of antiquity about it that is very, very beautiful.
I want to thank you for helping us to achieve such an inviting space. I would urge anyone who is looking for a beautiful and lasting solution for concrete floors to consider your process. We would be glad to share our experience with any prospective customers so you are welcome to give out our name and number as a reference.
Thanks again so much,
P.S. I am sending you some before and after photos (attached) which don't do justice to the way the floor looks in person but you are welcome to use them if you want. When we get everything finished and have some better lighting in the rooms we will send you more photos. Sorry I don't have better photos of the "before". If you took some, please send them
Tony Siciliani

Tony Siciliani

 Dear Mark:
The job looks great - I love it - It’s pretty classy and I’m very pleased. I need some cards and brochures, I’ve already been asked about it by others who are interested. Also, can you give me an estimate for the back patio floor?
The Loop at San Pablo
Jacksonville, FL 32250

The Loop at San Pablo

To: Trudy Phillips - Innovative Exteriors, Leeds, AL
July 28, 2005
You have transformed an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! I'll admit, I had moments of doubt, "will it look the way I imagined?" However, you always assured me "I'm not finished yet."
The end result is totally beautiful. You worked so hard and faithfully on hands and knees. Piece by piece with the marble, then you and Json took so much pride in the CTi System, despite the 90 degree heat, in sweat soaked clothes you finished a great job. (The cold tea really was a treat!). The work area was always neat. Thanks for respecting our home and treating it just like your own.
In short, Earl and I are very pleased. We highly recommed your work and your devotion to the CTi System. The dressing up of the area, like replacing and cleaning the diving board, slide, and lights as well as helping with the water fall, painting around the swimming pool and going the extra mile was appreciated...thanks so much.
We saved over $10,000 by not ripping everything out and getting a new pool and patio. Now the pool looks better, our back yard looks brand new also.
You represent your product and yourself as a very dependable and fine person. CTi should be proud of you! We are so happy to find you. Many, many thanks for an awesome job.
P.S. Keep Jason, he is a great worker!
Geri and Earl Smith

Geri and Earl Smith

October 27, 1997
To Mark Hegedus - Coastal Coatings
Dear Mark:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your fine crew for a job well done, resurfacing the breezeway sidewalks and the two swimming pool decks at the Holiday Inn - Airport in Jacksonville.
Your willingness to work around our very difficult scheduling and the professionalism of your crew made it all seem very ordinary and it was a pleasure to work with you.
Please be assured that when we have additional resurfacing requirements, at any of our hotels, you will be the first I will call.
Ronald A. Roe, CHA
Director of Management Services
MMI Hotel Group

Roanld A. Roe, CHA
MMI Hotel Group

November 19, 1995
To Mark Hegedus - Coastal Coatings
Dear Mark:
During the past two weeks, I had our pool deck here at Holiday Inn redone with a product called "CTI Spray System" by Mark Hegedus of Coastal Coatings of Jacksonville. I asked for, and called owners of previous jobs that Coastal Coatings took care of. I hear nothing but praise from satisfied customers.
Mr. And Mrs. Hegedus kept in constant contact with me during the week before the job was to begin to answer my questions. Because I work for several bosses, there were several last minute changes in our plans on the colors and patterns. Mark understood, and worked with me through the changes in plans. On the day the project was to begin, Mark showed up bright and early from Jacksonville with a crew to begin the project. Everyone on his crew knew what to do and got to work right away. Mark stopped every step of the way and fully explained what he was doing and why. Mark left after giving instructions on how to care for the new finish.
Throughout the project, I felt very comfortable with the way the job was being handled, and the communications between myself and the Coastal Coatings company. Mark and his crew members were very cooperative with our hotel staff and the hotel customers. Mark assured me that if there were any questions after the job, that he would come back to Ocala to help us out. He takes great pride in his work.
Kenneth H. Bond
Chief Engineer
Holiday Inn West
Ocala, FL 

Kenneth H. Bond
Holiday Inn West

October 29, 1995
To Larry Carpenter
Dear Mr. Carpenter:
The appearance of our Clay Street entrance here at the bank has improved many times over since the installation of CTI… The only regret is that we did not have it done sooner.
Thanks for a job well done.
John M. Black, Jr.
Senior Vice President
Trustmark National Bank
Vicksburg, MS

John M. Black, Jr
Trustmark National Bank

October 3, 1995
To CTI of the Triad
Dear Gentlemen:
I have been in business for 40 some years and have naturally had various projects and work done by many people. But, in all these years I have never seen a more professional job than that of the resurfacing of my patio in Greensboro, NC. This work was completed October 3, 1995 in the most timely and courteous manner.
Our patio is absolutely beautiful thanks to the efforts of John Milbert, Ted Keskinen and Ashley Keskinen.
I would, without any reservation, recommend these people to anyone considering having this type of work done. They were a pleasure to work with and made every effort to complete the job to our satisfaction.
Al Pickerel
Jostens School Pictures, Inc.
Greensboro, NC

Al Pickerel
Jostens School Pictures, Inc